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VIІI Days Of Performance Art In Lviv

Dni-Mystectva-Performans-2015September 2 - 6, 2015

Autumn in Lviv traditionally begins with contemporary art and activation of the art performances in urban space.

The eighth International Festival of Performance “Days of Performance Art in Lviv” (the first was in the far 2008) – unique and only in Ukraine – will take place on 2 – 6 of September. This year the performances are combined with the events of Eastern Partnership Culture Congress that also takes place in Lviv in those days.

Vector of the art performances/events is seen through the theme of the festival: “Performance. Activation”

We are living through a time that turns people's minds upside down. People make choices, they are polarized in the views, and dullness disappears. Radicalization starts: in emotions, in the views, in mind – in everything. Performance – is the most responsive genre among the all known art directions, outlining and decoding nature of social changes, human feelings and emotional stress. So, we can safely speak about performer’s activation – his or her instant reaction to changes.

Both experienced artists and novices from Ukraine, Israel, Great Britain, Poland, Belarus and Germany will perform during The Days; these include: Pavlo KOVACH, Myroslav YAREMAK, Yurii SOKOLOV, Myroslav VAYDA and Petro RYASKA, Meir TATI, Ernesto LEVY, Tamar RABAN, Sandra JOHNSTON, Janusz BALDYGA, Zygmunt PIOTROWSKI, Waldemar TATARCZUK, Przemyslaw BRANAS, Szymon KULA, Yuras BORISEVICH, Konstantin MUZHEV, the group “ЭКЗАРЦЫСТЫЧНЫ GESAMTKUNSTWERK“, Dorothea SEROR.

Curators of the “Days of Performance Art” are Vlodko KAUFMAN (Ukraine), Tamar RABAN (Israel), Yanush BALDYGA (Poland).


An essential part of the "Days of Performance Art in Lviv," is an educational feature of the festival "School of Performance" that brings together everyone willing to master the fundamentals of the performance art and present their own performative ideas together with experienced and well-known artists.

This year the program of The School consists of two platforms featuring Sandra JOHNSTON from the University of Newcastle and Polish artist, co-founder of the international art-group Black Market, Zygmunt PIOTROWSKI. Waldemar TATARCZUK and Janusz BALDYGA, The Scholl’s curator, also participate in the creation of The School lineup.

Traditionally, lectures and master classes in the "School of Performance" will take place every day - from 10:00 to 14:00; performances will be held in the afternoon during the festival from 2 to 6 of September. To participate in the "School of Performance", please, fill the questionnaire (attached) and mail it no later then 27 of August to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please, do state in the subject line "School of Performance".

Project Manager of the "Days of Performance Art in Lviv": Lida SAVCHENKO-DUDA

Event organizers: Lviv Institute of Contemporary Art,  Dzyga Art Association

Partners:  Lviv City Council, Polish Institute in Kyiv, Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, Goethe Institute in Kiev, Foundation «TransKultura», Lviv Palace of Arts, "Guest House" in the spiritual and cultural center "Archangel" Hotel "George".

Video from the festival:

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