Dock In Absolute (LUX)

Jean-Philippe Koch – piano

Michel Mootz – drums

David Kintziger – bass

Piano Trio from the Kingdom of Luxembourg, whose music is hard to call jazz in its pure form. Apparently, this is due to the deep feature and sensuality of sounds that smoothly shuffle from one to another, creating a rich sound of the played team. In recent years, the band has performed more than 50 solo concerts around the world. It was at the largest jazz festivals in the world: Sibiu (Romania), Berlin B Flat, Jazzit Fest (Turin), the Yokohama Jazz Promenade Festival (Japan), Luxembourg Jazz Meeting, Shenzhen Jazz Festival (China), Shanghai Jay Z, Ploiesti Hot Jazz Summit (Romania) Paris jazz festival on the island. Now, we will feel this extraordinary and unique jazz at the Jazz Bez Festival.