Dzyga Jazz Quartet (UKR)

Volodymyr Kit – trumpet, flugelhorn
Valentin Uchanin – tenor and soprano saxophones
Arkady Orekhov – keyboards
Oleg Pidkivka – drums

Dzyga Jazz Quartet -‘patriarchs and forefathers’ of Ukrainian jazz scene, who began playing jazz back in the now remote 1960s (despite Soviet hard ideological control). It should be noted that Dzyga Jazz Quartet members are not just the renowned representatives of Eastern European jazz, but they are no less successful, ambitious and highly qualified specialists in medicine, physics, mathematics and art. Just due to this combination, their music is intellectual with a boundless field for interpretations and dissonances, spiced up with ethnic melodies and elegant male charisma. The musicians are in the permanent experimental process and thus, every year they manage to impress the audience with a new sound. Dzyga Jazz Quartet artists are involved in fusion style mixed with elements of swing and avant-garde; sometimes they change slightly the vector to the ethno direction, creating unusual exotic melodies.  The best examples are the compositions: Tango on Trostyan Mountain Slopes, the Sindbad or the Fontana di Trevi, a masterful  interweaving of jazz, Ukrainian and Middle Eastern folk music. The Dzyga Jazz Quintet project with its current cast was established in 2001, during the first Polish-Ukrainian festival Jazz Bez, and it was initiated by Markiyan Ivaschyshyn, Director Dzyga Art Association (Lviv).