Lviv School of Jazz and Contemporary Music

Lviv School of Jazz and Contemporary Music is a project for musicians and those who want to become musician, who has been actively popularizing Lviv jazz culture both in Ukraine and abroad for the past three years. A project for beginners and professionals without age restrictions and stylistic frameworks. For all those who want to learn how to musically and understand the musical culture, become part of it and share it with others. Here are the musicians of the new generation who have studied at the best jazz musicians in Europe. On the basis of the acquired knowledge and experience, they built a learning process based on the kind of community of music schools “Bednarska”, and modern teaching methods allow the student to reach the required level in a short period of time to reach the big stage and feel free in the common space of improvisations with other musicians. During his work, the School has established contact and continues to collaborate with well-known jazz musicians and lecturers from around the world, including Michael Bowie, Frank Parker, Janusz Szrom, Bogdan Hołownia, Mark Bernstein, Grzegorz Karnas, David Friesen, Hans Peter Salentin, Zbigniew Wrombel, Piotr Wrombel , Krzysztof Szmajda and others.