Bolek Rakszewski – bass-guitar, vocal
Uschi Will  – saxophone
Mirek Ładoś – percussion
Astek Cuprjak – piano, vocal
«Melon» – guitar

In response, the Novits will come to Lviv with the band “Nowica 9”. These are Polish boys from Silesia, who stayed alive at the Novice, hearing the last village music game. Nowica 9 plays soul music, not following the styles, carries on self-improvement in all directions: workshops, collaborates with actors and artists, and co-organizes a large number of creative actions that take place in Novice.

Thus, the connection between the Novice and Lviv, which Antonych combines with his life, is again restored due to the art, the feeling of the unspeakable beauty of the world and the mysterious music of life.

Come to hear the musicians of modern Novice!

Video about Lemko village Novitsy: