Nazar Hulyn. Painting

How much time does the formation of a unique artist personality take? How much time does it
take to hand down the proud heritage in the history? Some live long, but without leaving a trace
after themselves. The lives of the others remain the burning stars – they fall down swiftly leaving
the intense sign at the night sky.

The life of NAZAR GULYN ended when he was only 33, the tragic and symbolical date. The
physical absence of the artist makes us exceptionally evaluate his works. The actual creative
ideas have no author's extension. Dynamic and vivid is their spiritual source and extraordinary

Educated in an artistic family NAZAR started to work very early. His creative work evaluated
exceptionally fast. As if everything was already defined. There was no time to study, he had so
much to tell, to put in a practice what was tearing out of him. His emotions, likes and feelings
had to be realized. The impulsive artist`s exploration took place in the favorable time of
unprecedented social-political cataclysms, the time of big illusions and hopes to build a new

In general it could be said that the searches of the artist are typical and characteristic. He shifts
rapidly from the realistic human body to the absolute abstraction, through the stylized symbolic
compositions and the original application of the intangible marks. He astonishes us with lavish
and spontaneous lines and texture, elegant colorful and tonal composition of the local colors.
The rapid dynamic of changes amaze, especially the final result gained in the works of his last
period. It seems that the artist found the secrets of a natural harmony and beauty, which he
sincerely searched for the whole his life. His compositions are incredibly clear, without
unnecessary details, but at the same time deep and profound. We cognize not a young painter,
but the confident and skilled master, whose period of an active creative work is exceptionally
condensed in a time.

In the cycle of his last works we detect the distinctive tendency to the abstract art. In this
common trend we feel the symbol of peculiar liberation of the young Ukrainian artists`
generation. The selective-intellectual esthetics of abstractionism was always in the exceptional
opposition to the established canons of the soviet art. The author shows his virtuosity in the
expressive means. On a rational environment basis the artist constructs his own sacred space,
where every feature is crucial. The color scale of the compositions is discreet and utmost

The whimsical curve outlines the local stains. They have their own pulsing live mowing in the
infinity of the space background. To stop this magical move produced and coded by the artist`s
individuality is already impossible…

Professor, the Doctor of Arts Critic
Orest Holubets