Kostyantyn Zorkin. City Occupation

Kostyantyn Zorkin
City Occupation

Any kind of place and city may be named home, if it provides shelter it possible to hide in. As well a sense of security is an out coming agreement product concluded with an outside world; agreement that may be violated any time without any permission. Even the most satisfying conditions may be pressed with a possibility of crashing.

You may hide in your mind’s city place and it’s logical constructions built on ethnical cultural and architectonical foundations or ruins as well. The more majestic these mind palaces, the more dressed they appear. More dressed – more secure; till irrational monsters born in a world of chaos and nonsense march a walk through your beloved shelter paying no attention at it’s rational beauty.  They never sign the agreement, in case they don’t play according to your rules.

You may turn into a monster on your own, pretending doing routine check, actually destroying the recently-built palaces. That’s the only right way for preventing stabilization of a world’s picture, getting trapped in a comfort zone. Comfort – predictability. Predictability – the end of the way.