Art center “Dzyga” is a legendary center of modern art that fuels the culture of true
Lviv for 25 years. It is a space of freedom, experiments and a creative
communication, where new ideas are born, that become history afterwards.

“Dzyga” supports, produces and helps to develop different genres of modern art:
visual arts (installations, performance, land art, painting, graphics, sculpture, photo),
music (jazz, blues, ethnic, electronic music), literature, theatre, cinema.

“Dzyga” is a creative space, where different ideas, projects and artistic actions that
have their resonance far beyond Lviv and Ukraine are born and realized.

Main activity of “Dzyga” is the management of a modern art gallery, number of
constant festivals and art projects, conceptual coffee houses and initiatives that come
from different art environments.

From its foundation in 1993 “Dzyga” has held thousands of actions with the most
prominent artists of Ukraine and world, organized hundreds of exhibitions, produced
musical bands, initiated appearance of inter-genre projects, artistic formations, clubs,
created a newspaper and a radio station, published avant-garde magazine and
provoked a lot of events that became legendary.

In a number of current projects of “Dzyga” are:
One of the largest contemporary-art festivals in Ukraine – “Week of an actual art”
“Jazz Bez” – cross-border jazz festival that unites 15 cities of Ukraine and Poland.
The largest festival of performance in Ukraine “Days of art performance in Lviv”.
International musical festival “Weathercocks of Lviv”, that is held in exclusive
courtyard of Lviv Town Hall.
Triennial “Ukrainian Cut” that introduces writings of the most significant Ukrainian
artists abroad.

Among constant partners of association are: Konsulat Generalny RP we Lwowie,
Instytut Polski w Kijowie, British Council, Alliance française, The Embassy Of
Israel, Goethe-Institut, U.S. Embassy, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Lviv city
administration, Fundacja Transkultura, etc.

Center of Dzyga is a gallery of modern art and an art-café “Under the klepsidra” that
is situated in the historical center of Lviv 35 Virmenska street.

“Dzyga “- holds on, because it’s spinning!